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Welcome to Pro-Sec Technologies

Pro-sec gives you a security system with a difference. Our company prides itself in that it has over the years, securely achieved its primary objective, Providing safety and security to South Africas countless Mothers, Fathers, Brothers Sisters and Children. We offer peace of mind reliable security technology that you can depend on.

We understand what security means in our country and we strive our hardest to ensure that we deliver exactly what all of us need: "To feel safe in the place we call Home."

So what is it that we find so different with our security system? We put out hearts into it, because we know that "Home is where the heart is…" Call us for an obligation free quote and speak directly to me or one of our sales consultants.

"DEFENSE IN DEPTH - never rely on one single security measure alone

Having the opportunity to improve the quality of our service, we plan to ensure safe departure and return home of our clients and families in PRO-SEC dedicated areas