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About Pro-Sec Technologies

Pro-Sec Technologies firmly believes in offering scalable home security technology that can cater for additional security requirements should it be required at a later stage. We dont believe in letting our clients waste their money but rather spend it wisely and to help clients look at their security systems as a secure investment.

Pro-Sec Technologies Home Security was established by Ozzie Parenzee in 1998. Ozzie has been qualified as a senior technician for many years and has also succeeded in being the best technician for many reputable companies. Through his experience, Ozzie realised that all security companies followed the same basic trends and offered the same security systems as all the other security companies. There was nothing unique about the security systems, nor the manner in which the installations were carried out. No thought was given to offering a unique service and state of the art security systems to the the upmarket security sector.


How it started

Ozzie decided to move into the upmarket home security sector. He worked with various Architects, Project Managers, Engineers and Builders over the years and developed ways of installing security systems like no other company has.

This development included a well planned system using minimum cabling or none at all. Pro-sec stands for finding a good alarm system that is super aesthetically pleasing and that is user friendly as can be. Our projects range from large houses, multi-level houses building planning and consulting. No matter the scale of the project, Pro-Sec will Design, Deliver, Follow Through and Maintain your home security systems!

Pro-sec Technologies uses all in-house trained and qualified staff to carry out its installations and contracts. We strive for user friendliness and will even go as far as customising your installation. In 7 years, Pro-Sec has grown to be one of the most well balanced companies in South Africa, and has grown a reputation for being one company that follows through on its promises and deadlines. Over and above this, we have a proven track record for neatness, high quality installations, efficiency and honesty.


16 Austell Road, Bergvliet,
Cape Town

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